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Transition in 2016 for Simpson Sales Company

Changes in Florida:

There have been some changes going on at Simpson Sales for 2016. In the state of Florida, Don Krietemeyer, previously our LE Rep for the state, has made the transition from LE to Commercial Rep. Don will be taking over  the territory formerly covered by Blake Branom that covers all of Florida except extreme Northwest and Panhandle. Other recent changes for the state of Florida include Brock Purdy taking the LE Rep position for Florida. Brock is our newest team member coming aboard on May 1st, 2016. Brock previously was employed by Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN for four years. Upon his departure, Brock was working as an accountant at the Law School.

Changes in Georgia:

On April 15th John Sadosky was hired as the Commercial Rep for the territory formerly manned by Steve Glazener: North Georgia; NE Alabama. John brings 21 years of experience in our industry such as: sales associate in the sporting goods field, owning and managing an outfitter’s store; and 5 years in the shooting sports industry as a territory manager selling lines in firearms, safes, and knives to dealers and distributors.

We are excited to welcome each team member into their new positions and look forward to their successful future.



Simpson Sales Company submitted its letter of resignation to Bushnell Outdoor Products on November 5, 2013. After many years of service and representation, Simpson Sales resigned due to the acquisition of Bushnell Outdoor Products by ATK. The sale created conflicts for other Principals that Simpson Sales represents. Our last official day of representation was December 5, 2013.


Transition at Simpson Sales Company


With the coming of 2013 there has been some transition at Simpson Sales Company. Jim Sprinkle and Steve Hall retired from SSC January 31, 2013. Just to give a brief background of these gentlemen, Jim Sprinkle and Steve Hall started with this company in the 1980’s. Jim Sprinkle joined SSC in 1983 after previously working as a regional salesman for Browning. Jim was responsible for all of Florida with the exception of the extreme north part of the state. Jim was known for identifying customer requirements and developing selling strategies to accomplish sales goals with major accounts. Some of Jim’s key accounts included RSR Wholesale and Valor.  

Steve Hall joined SSC in 1986 after being employed with the W.C. Bradley Company for six years. He was responsible for Middle/South Georgia, Southeast Alabama, and North Florida. Steve was held in high regard and well respected throughout the industry.   

Blake Branom is the successor to Jim Sprinkle. He is not new to SSC; Blake has worked as pro-staff for Simpson Sales for several years. Previously, before taking his current position, Blake gained retail experience as a Department Lead at Bass Pro Shop which would later help him transition into his role at SSC. Prior to joining Simpson Sales on August 1, 2012, Blake was employed and worked as a Buyer for RSR Wholesale. Jim has guided Blake well over the last several months to continue in the professionalism and service that Jim has put forth over the years with Simpson Sales.

Steve Hall’s replacement is Dan Schofield. Dan previously was with Walter Craig DBA The Sportsman Headquarters, one of the premier dealers in the Southeast. At Walter Craig Dan was employed as a store manager and buyer for the last 8 years. Dan joined SSC on September 1, 2012 and worked alongside Steve Hall learning the accounts to smoothly transition into the job role.


2012 Shareholder/Board of Directors Meeting

At the 2012 Shareholders/Board of Directors Meeting held April 30-May 1 the baton was handed to the new management team and Board of Directors. Plans begun in the Spring of 2007 to make Simpson Sales Company an employee owned Agency were completed.

Carl Logan, who had served as president of the Agency since 1999 handed over the reins to new President, David Doss. Logan will remain as an advisory member of the Board of Directors. The members of the Agency's board of Directors are:

        David Doss, President and CEO

        Barry Lee, Vice President

        Paul Dembkowski, Secretary/Treasurer and COO

        Tom Raines, Member at Large

        Rusty Manus, Member at Large

In the Spring of 2007 an offer was made to all employees to purchase the company from Logan. In addition to the five members on the Board others who chose to become shareholders are:

        Tilman Britt

        Steve Glazener

        Steve Hall

        Pat Kelley

        Steve Trant

Their five year buyout with full support by the Agency's Principals was completed on schedule.

We are confident that the company will go forward with a seamless transition. The teamwork concept which has served both our factories and customers well for a number of years will remain the paramount goal of the new owners and management group.                                                               


Welcome to New Shareholders

The Board of Directors of Simpson Sales Company, Inc. are pleased to welcome two new shareholders to the original ten. An invitation was issued to Chris Painter and Scott Sawyers to become shareholders. Both accepted and will become equal owners over a five year buy-in plan similar to that of the original group that acquired Agency ownership from Carl Logan.

David Doss, President of Simpson Sales, noted that Scott and Chris exemplify the team spirit on which the Agency was built. The goal of employee ownership initiated by Carl Logan continues to grow and be a focus of our group.


On the opening morning of Shot Show 2007 at Shot Business Magazine’s Industry Awards Breakfast, Steve Glazener and Simpson Sales Company, Inc. were recognized as Manufactures Rep and Agency of the year for the Shooting Sports Industry.

For the second time in three years Simpson Sales Company has been recognized by NSSF and Shot Business Magazine as Manufactures Representative of the Year.

Slaton White, editor of Shot Business Magazine, noted Simpson Sales was their first two time awards recipient.

The award recognizes the agency and rep’s contributions to the Shooting Sports Industry in conservation, promotion of Shooting Sports and recruitment of new participants.




Simpson Sales Company is proud to be associated with these industry partners and conservation groups. (Click on each link to learn more)

National Shooting Sports Foundation(NSSF)
National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers(NASGW)
National Wild Turkey Federation(NWTF)
Quail Forever(QF)
Quality Deer Management Association(QDMA)
Ducks Unlimited(DU)

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